Hudson Bay Mountain
Watching The Weather Go By

Here on the mountain, weather has always played an important role in cabin/ski life
so as a cabin owner we started keeping a log of morning weather conditions. We have progressed.

Home Base

Currently home base on Hudson Bay Mountain. A place to drink coffee, squaff beer and watch the weather go by. Never loosing sight of the important things in life.

no icon  -4.9 °C    Mostly cloudy. High near -10C. Winds light and variable. 12:31 AM PST IBCSMITH2

timestamp: Jan 12, 2019 - 1:14 pm - Civil Twilight 8:01 am 5:17 pm

Smithers Chapter

Smithers offers outstanding outdoor recreational pursuits during all phases of the year. But what rural town in BC wouldn't say this?

no icon  -5.6 °C    Intervals of clouds and sunshine. High -3C. Winds light and variable. 12:20 AM PST Smithers

timestamp: 9:55 pm - Civil Twilight 8:01 am 5:17 pm

Osoyoos Chapter

Established as a customs point on the Canada-US border, Osoyoos is a town of many faces, usually grey haired. It has two great Pubs!

no icon  -1 °C    Partly cloudy. High 2C. Winds light and variable. 12:10 AM PST CYYF

timestamp: 10:56 pm - Civil Twilight 7:11 am 5:04 pm

Our Adventures

It all started one day when a member mentioned he had a manor in Bath.
So, we thought let's do a pub crawl up the Thames and stay at his castle...

  • Driving-Drinking 2017

    A driving & drinking tour of some of the scotch distilleries, Isle of Islay, Isle of Skye and Speyside in Scotland.
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  • Narrowboat 2013

    A two week cruise on the Four Counties Ring from Great Haywood. Highlights being the Secret Nuclear Bunker.
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  • Narrowboat 2010

    A two week cruise on the East Midlands circuit from Great Haywood. Travelling through Leicester and Coventry.
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  • Narrowboat 1997

    A one week cruise from New Mills through Harding's Wood Junction, Middlewich, Nantwich , then along the Llangollen Canal to Trevor.
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Schussboomer Downhill

Bring a friend and join in the celebrations of this great recreational ski, snowboard and telemark downhill race. You will have a great experience.